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Environmental Impact Assessment & Approvals

We provide strategic, unbiased advice to our clients on project feasibility, community acceptability, environmental constraints and best practice impact mitigation measures. Our strong relationships with regulatory authorities allow us to ensure our clients develop optimal project scenarios and achieve effective information exchange and efficient progress through to project approval.


Our team incorporates high level skills and experience across a broad spectrum of environmental assessment areas including terrestrial flora and fauna, aquatic flora and fauna, water quality, aquatic ecosystems, hydrology, groundwater systems, acid sulfate soils, sediment and erosion control and construction site management. We have specialist skills and experience associated with coastal environments and aquatic ecosystems including wetlands of local state and national significance.  We are also familiar with the significant cultural heritage aspects of many of these ecosystems and have worked on numerous occasions with local Aboriginal and community groups to achieve optimum outcomes.


We will develop and tailor our project methodologies according to the specific requirements of individual contracts looking for the optimum approach which is responsive to the needs of the client and provides value for money outputs within agreed time frames.

Our environmental assessment experience encompasses water, sewer, coastal, residential, tourist, roads and bridges infrastructure and dredging projects.

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