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Environmental Monitoring & Management

We have a strong background in environmental assessment, specialising in coastal and aquatic environments. Our capability includes conceptual model development, environmental risk assessment, multi-disciplinary environmental investigations and reporting of complex programs. We have significant experience in the statistical and logistical design of monitoring programs as well as identification of permit and other requirements which we factor into our cost and timeline planning for environmental investigations. In all our investigations we are focussed on ensuring that these activities target the key questions being posed and we strive to provide outputs that are not only comprehensive and accurate, but also educational, readable and appropriate for the target audience.

Our experience is reflected in a number of projects covering water quality assessments, erosion, ecohealth assessment and recovery programs, catchment management, contamination assessments, sediment investigations, marine surveys (seagrass and benthic macroinvertebrates) and dredging monitoring. 

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