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Richmond River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan

Hydrosphere Consulting prepared an Estuary Management Study (EMS) and a Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) for the Richmond River Estuary, which was gazetted in 2012.


The EMS and CZMP brought together the latest knowledge on estuary status and processes and provided up to date scientific information in a form that was suitable for the community. The study determined the goals of the community and government agency requirements and used this information to identify estuary values, issues, objectives and develop potential management options.


The CZMP evaluated the identified options and developed long-term integrated strategies with the overall aim of improving the health of the estuary and providing for ongoing recreational and commercial uses of the estuary. We used our detailed knowledge of estuary processes, business planning and options evaluation techniques to determine the most appropriate course of action to address each of the priority issues. One of the key challenges for the project was considering the roles and coordination of several local councils, including a regional council in the efficient and effective management of this estuary.


Together, the EMS and CZMP provide a detailed evaluation of issues and provides a strategic long-term plan of management for the estuary.

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