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Stakeholder Engagement

Hydrosphere Consulting is skilled in many types of passive and active stakeholder engagement processes. We have an excellent track record in stakeholder management, coordination and facilitation involving a broad spectrum of community groups, Aboriginal stakeholders and various government agency representatives at local, state and federal levels. We ensure that all consultation activities are cost-effective, robust and result in both internal and external stakeholders being informed and kept up to date on projects and where necessary, agree on the future direction for works or proposals. We remain flexible in our approach to stakeholder engagement and are able to identify the appropriate tools required for specific contracts.


Examples of the types of projects we undertake that routinely require stakeholder and community consultation include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Liaison with local and state government agency contacts through defined stages to notify stakeholders of the proposed works, discuss statutory requirements, approval processes and any special considerations to be included in documentation;

  • Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) strategies generally require community and stakeholder consultation to assist in the definition of issues, community values and to set targets for water resource management. 

  • Coastal and Estuary Management Plans also require a high degree of stakeholder and community engagement to assist in defining values and key issues and identifying and assessing options for management. 

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