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Lake Ainsworth Coastal Management Program

Survey closes 5pm Friday 18th Jan 2019

Hydrosphere Consulting has been engaged by Ballina Shire Council (BSC) to prepare a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head. The goal of the CMP is to provide the long-term strategy and management actions  for this water-body. This CMP will supersede the current Lake Ainsworth Management Plan.

The project is equally funded by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and BSC. The preparation of the CMP will be in accordance with the NSW Coastal Management Act 2016 and the NSW guidelines for coastal management. The preparation of the CMP will involve the five stages listed below as delineated by the Coastal Management Manual. The manual outlines the mandatory requirements and provides guidance on the preparation, development, adoption and content of the CMP.​ The development of the CMP is a comprehensive process requiring detailed review and analysis as well as an extensive community consultation process.

Project Stages:


Stage 1 - Scoping study – involved collation of existing information, preliminary risk assessment,  community consultation strategy and scoping of technical studies to fill key information gaps. January 2018 – May 2018.


Stage 2 - Detailed studies of vulnerabilities and opportunities – involves community engagement, confirmation of key issues and concerns, field work to confirm current knowledge and completion of identified technical studies. Indicative timeline: June 2018 – May 2019.


Stage 3 - Response indication and evaluation – involves threat consequence and risk assessment, the evaluation and identification of management options and the development of management actions. Indicative timeline: May 2019 – August 2019.


Stage 4 - Finalise, exhibit, certify and adopt the CMP – involves the preparation of a Draft CMP for agency review and public exhibition, the identification of funding and final mechanisms to implement the CMP, compiling and addressing submissions from agencies and the community and finalisation of the CMP document for certification. Indicative timeline: August 2019 – February 2020.


Stage 5 - Implementation, monitoring and reporting – involves the implementation of management actions from the certified CMP by BSC and involved agencies as well as the monitoring and reporting of CMP progress. Indicative timeline: Ongoing from February 2020.

   Current Progress:

  • This project is currently in Stage 4 which involves the preparation of the Lake Ainsworth Coastal Management Program documenting the long-term strategy for the lake.

  • Public Exhibition of the Draft CMP has now closed.

  • The Submission Report is now available below. It  documents all submissions received during the Public Exhibition period, responses and required amendments to the CMP.

  • The Final Draft CMP is now available for download. The Final Draft CMP will be presented at the March Ballina Shire Council meeting for adoption. Council will then submit it to DPIE (formerly OEH) for certification under the Coastal Management Act.

Further information on the process, including technical resources related to the implementation of these stages can be found on the OEH website here: https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/water/coasts/coastal-management

Community Engagement:

There is a lot of public interest in this iconic lake and community input to this plan is critical in getting the right balance in management priorities. Community members can have their say via:

  • The communication portal provided below;

  • The community survey (open for 12 weeks from 22nd October 2018 to 18th January 2019); and  

  • Providing written submissions in response the Draft CMP by 6th December 2019.

  • Community drop-in session no.1 was held at the Lennox Head Surf Club 3-6pm on Tuesday 20th November 2018

  • Community drop-in session no.2 was held at the Lennox Head Community Centre 4:45-6:30pm on Tuesday 20th November 2019.

Communication Portal:

Contact the project team directly by filling out the contact form.

You may like to include:

  • local knowledge;

  • historical information;

  • details of issues you are concerned about;

  • ideas for management;

  • things you value about the Lake and would like to see protected or enhanced.


Information provided will be used by the project team to help develop the Coastal Management Program for Lake Ainsworth.

If you choose to provide contact details they will only be used by the project team to contact you about your comments if necessary. Personal details will not be published.

If you wish to provide photos or documents, please note this in your message and the project team will contact you to arrange this.